Why Us

Why Us

iAthena.com is a website owned by Navitus Education Private Limited.

Navitus Education Private Limited is focused on distributing digital educational content to students (beyond K-12) as well as professionals in need of upgrading their skillsets through certifications in Project Management, Information Security, or Business Analysis etc. The content will be distributed via our own brand through iAthena.com.

With our robust Education & eLearning Service (iAthena.com) for distributing online content, the students will be able to subscribe to a learning program (or course), which may be delivered in self-learning or on-line classroom mode. Students can undergo the program at their own convenience and from their choice of location. They will be evaluated through online tests and quizzes and can prepare themselves for the actual examinations offered by the Educational Institutes/Universities or Certification Organizations such as Project Management Institute etc.

In order to achieve this goal, we will partner with mentors in various fields. A mentor is a person who has significant expertise or knowledge in a particular domain area which could then be imparted to other students through online materials such as audio, video or in form of documents. The mentor will create content, mock examinations and quizzes to test student's understanding of the subject and allocate some time per week to answer student's questions and resolve any issues students may face.

To help us achieve our goal, we have assembled a team of custom e-learning experts, including instructional designers, educators, developers, and multimedia producers to create highly interactive multimedia courses for learning and communication. To that effect, we are using an enormous array of technologies, tools, and instructional approaches. In particular, we would like to highlight our key differentiators as follows -

  • Hi-tech and Modern Learning Service Provider.

    Our expertise and competence lie in leveraging information technology to build eLearning solutions that address teaching & learning needs. Our eLearning Content is interactive and complies with modern eLearning Content Standards. Our eLearning Content Delivery Service brings is highly scalable and supports modes of delivery such as Self or On Demand Learning.

  • Convenience of Training/Learning

    In one sentence – "Any Time and Any Place". A major motivator for online education is the convenience factor often described as "any time, any place" learning. Instructors, too, are drawn to the format that allows for travel and other projects while also teaching a course. We believe this benefit will drive more and more busy professionals to turn to online learning going forward.

  • Online Training with Mentoring.

    Our main focus is to overcome any challenges associated with online learning and make it extremely easy for a student to follow the course, internalize the content and be able to prove that with test results. To this effect, we not only provide the online, highly-interactive content with questions for testing concepts, but also provide online mentoring to students to answer any questions or elaborate any part of material on a regular basis.

  • Knowledge Sharing & Collaboration.

    In true Indian tradition, there is a saying that , ”One’s knowledge increases with sharing”. We get to learn different views of the same Aspect with sharing. Tools such as Chat Facility, Messaging, Twitter, Face Book etc. have made it possible for large group of people to exchange their ideas & views to crystalize their learning.

  • Cost Effective

    eLearning has been shown to be more cost-effective then a regular class. We offer some of the lowest rates in the online education industry while maintaining high interactivity and premium quality.

Student Benefits

Although teaching has evolved over time, the most prevalent method for mass teaching has been the use of classrooms in which there are usually anywhere between 20-30 students and one teacher. In countries like India, Resource Constraints has forced the classroom size to be expanded to even 60-70 students per class. Thus, it is not uncommon for students to become bored or frustrated with the teacher or the subject matter itself. It is also unreasonable to expect a single teacher to be attentive to a large number of students. Different students have different styles of learning - Auditory, Visual, Linguistic, Mathematical or Inter–Personal. It is impossible for a single teacher to adopt every student’s style of learning. The pace of learning also becomes an issue in most classrooms.

For professionals and adult education, the problem is further complicated by the fact that the 'students' can come from a variety of fields, age groups, background and experience. The subject matter to be covered for some of the professional examinations or courses is so vast that most of the times the instructor simply rushes through the subject matter without adequate explanation or making sure that the concept has been understood well by the students.

iAthena.com aims to solve this 'one solution for all students' problem with its online distribution of high quality, highly interactive content offered at the fraction of the cost of traditional classroom teaching. We certainly do not anticipate that classroom training will vanish in near future. However, we do envision that the percentage of online education will definitely increase with rapid adaptation of the internet and electronic gadgets such as tablets and smartphones.

We are focused on solving the needs of professionals and adult students (beyond K-12) who are sufficiently motivated to learn, but need incremental methods of learning to grasp complex ideas and revise the concepts using question banks and summary sheets. In addition to the usual advantages of e-Learning such as convenience, geographical reach and self-paced learning, we offer the following incremental benefits for our students:

  • Partnerships with Qualified Mentors

    We are partnering with qualified mentors in various fields for our courses. A mentor is a person who has significant expertise or knowledge in a particular domain area which could then be imparted to other students through online materials such as audio, video or in form of documents. The mentor is expected to create content, mock examinations and quizzes to test student's understanding of the subject and allocate some time per week to answer student's questions and resolve any issues students may face.

  • High-Quality, Highly Interactive Content

    Our courses which are geared towards Certifications and Competitive Examinations are not just slides with bullet points and audio scripts. We incorporate state-of-the-art tools and techniques while developing our courses which not only grill the concepts, but also test them with questions and pop quizzes.

  • Webinars and Interaction with the Mentors

    We do realize that these 'students' may need some face-to-face time with the instructors to clarify any doubts and internalize the concepts. To help our students with their study, a lot of our courses offer weekly webinars and q&a sessions as a part of the course material. We expect our students to benefit from these interactive session and learn not only from their own queries, but also from other students' questions and perspectives.

  • Value Pricing

    iAthena offers courses with the most competitive pricing, while maintaining High Interactivity and Premium Quality of the course for the students Education. The course material presented on our website is very simple in understanding. Some of our courses also include sample quizzes at the end of every module to prepare them for their exams, while other courses help the students to retain the knowledge and use it in their daily life. In effect the students get the best value for their money, while still receiving quality content.

  • Accreditation

    We do offer courses and educational content from reputed mentors and for professional certifications, our goal is to offer as much accredited content as possible. Even if our parent company, Navitus Education Private Limited, may not be accredited for every course, we have the ability to offer accredited courses through our mentor partnerships. These courses are clearly marked as such and are priced at premium compared to other similar content.

Mentor Benefits

  • What is the advantage for a mentor to partner with iAthena?

    Our vision is to create an online platform which promotes learning, interaction and student – mentor collaboration. As against the conventional model where the association between the organization and mentor exists only for creating content, we intend to create long term partnership with the mentors.

    As a subject matter expert (SME), a mentor may have already prepared the content for distribution through offline media such as classroom. We are offering a new distribution channel for that content which was not available before and it would allow the mentor to get additional income from much wider audience for the work he/she has already done.

  • Does iAthena compensate the mentor?

    Yes! We believe that good mentors with good expertise who can provide superior content will earn much more without much effort over the long-term. By distributing the content to a wider audience, we can help you reach increase your name recognition and charge premium fees for your content. We have also put in place the mechanism to improve mentor’s effectiveness through student feedback, recommendations etc.

  • Will iAthena actively market the courses and will it help the mentor?

    In addition to spending resources (capital, manpower etc.) on reformatting and processing the raw content you provide us, we will also be spending money on marketing, advertising as well. Our marketing efforts will indirectly create more publicity for you as an expert in your field. You could use this extra name recognition to generate extra income for you.

  • Will iAthena maintain adequate customer support?

    The company will allocate sufficient resources on maintenance of the system as well as customer service which is crucial to the long-term success of our (and hence your) efforts.

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