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A mentor is a person who has significant expertise or knowledge in a particular domain area which could then be imparted to other students through online materials such as audio, video or in form of documents. A mentor maybe a trainer, subject matter expert or a teacher that wishes to distribute his/her own content via the internet so as to increase the awareness about the subject he/she is proficient in. With that in mind, the mentor will create the content, mock examinations and quizzes to test student's understanding of the subject and allocate some time per week to answer student's questions and resolve any issues students may face.

We categorize our mentors into two broad areas -

  • Mentor Partners:

    Mentor partners are those with whom we associate actively and do joint development of courses or other educational content. Our skilled Instructional and Content Designers engage actively with the mentor to create Highly interactive courses that keep the students fully engaged in the course content. In addition to the interactive concept delivery they include hands-on interactive quizzes and questions to help students adopt the concepts. These courses also typically have full-featured online classroom sessions in which the mentor explains the key concepts and answer any questions a student may have.

  • Mentor Affiliates:

    Mentor affiliates are experts or teachers in their respective fields that simply want to distribute their content online through our website. As far as Mentor Affiliates are concerned, we do not create content in partnership with them, rather we allow them to upload the content directly onto our website. Such content typically comes in form of videos or copyrighted PDF documents along with questions banks, if available.

For all mentors, we analyze their profile, review their resumes, (in some cases) check references and may even review the content to make sure that it is consistent with the subject matter and is of good quality. We have also put in place the mechanism to improve mentor’s effectiveness through student feedback, recommendations etc. and provide them with regular feedback so they can improve their performance and the content. We regularly partner/affiliate with new mentors to add newer content to our website. At the same time, we discontinue our partnership/affiliation with the mentors that do not adhere to our strict quality control.

We anticipate that by associating with us, a mentor will be able to distribute the content to a wider audience, and help increase the name recognition and charge premium fees for his/her content.

Mentor Benefits

  • What is the advantage for a mentor to partner with iAthena?

    Our vision is to create an online platform which promotes learning, interaction and student – mentor collaboration. As against the conventional model where the association between the organization and mentor exists only for creating content, we intend to create long term partnership with the mentors.

    As a subject matter expert (SME), a mentor may have already prepared the content for distribution through offline media such as classroom. We are offering a new distribution channel for that content which was not available before and it would allow the mentor to get additional income from much wider audience for the work he/she has already done.

  • Does iAthena compensate the mentor?

    Yes! We believe that good mentors with good expertise who can provide superior content will earn much more without much effort over the long-term. By distributing the content to a wider audience, we can help you reach increase your name recognition and charge premium fees for your content. We have also put in place the mechanism to improve mentor’s effectiveness through student feedback, recommendations etc.

  • Will iAthena actively market the courses and will it help the mentor?

    In addition to spending resources (capital, manpower etc.) on reformatting and processing the raw content you provide us, we will also be spending money on marketing, advertising as well. Our marketing efforts will indirectly create more publicity for you as an expert in your field. You could use this extra name recognition to generate extra income for you.

  • Will iAthena maintain adequate customer support?

    The company will allocate sufficient resources on maintenance of the system as well as customer service which is crucial to the long-term success of our (and hence your) efforts.

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