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About the Microsoft Excel 2013 (Advanced) Course ?

Microsoft Excel is a must have skill for any professional because of its widespread use in the home, educational institutions as well as corporates. This is the second course in our series on Microsoft Excel courses. It builds on the Microsoft Excel (Basic) course by covering advanced topics such as Formulas/Functions, Tables, Charts, Pivot Tables and Data Validation.

What you get with the Microsoft Excel 2013 (Advanced) Course ?

  • Courseware by experienced mentor.
  • 7 topics via self-paced interactive content.
  • 27 Hours of e-Learning.

Microsoft Excel 2013 (Advanced) Course Content ?

  • Introduction to Formulas & Functions
  • Formatting in Excel
  • Introduction to Tables
  • Working with Charts
  • Pivot Tables
  • Advance Functions
  • Data Validation & Protection

Who should take Microsoft Excel 2013 (Advanced) Course ?

Any person who wishes to master Excel should take this course. It covers advanced concepts (topics) and is intended to give you skills to use Microsoft Excel with ease in everyday job.

Why iAthena’s Microsoft Excel 2013 (Advanced) Course ?

This course intends to give you a comprehensive overview of Microsoft Excel and prepare you for using Microsoft Excel with ease in everyday job.

Name Description Type Session Date Start Time End Time Learning Hours
Preface Overview of the Course Selfpaced - - - 3 minutes
Introduction to Formulas and Functions Formulas makes spreadsheet a spreadsheet and it is better to know important & rich set of inbuilt functions in Excel 2013 so that we can productively use it in our workbooks. Learn important concepts about formulas and references and different calculation methods which Excel provides. Selfpaced - - - 154 minutes
Formatting in Excel We have been formatting our workbooks using options such as bold, italic and underline etc. but spreadsheets are more than that. Learn in this module more about advanced formatting and making use of format painter for best productivity. Also explore conditional formatting along with data bars to make your data look more readable and visually appealing. Also we learn about advanced printing from your worksheet data. Selfpaced - - - 50 minutes
Introduction to Tables Tables are another way of keeping your data in worksheet for few options which normal data in worksheet does not provide. Learn about converting existing range into tables and vies a versa. Selfpaced - - - 19 minutes
Working with Charts Learn about various types of charts and how to add third dimension to your existing charts and advance formatting for your charts. Selfpaced - - - 44 minutes
Pivot Tables Pivots are advance way to quickly analyse your data. Learn about creating quick pivot tables to advanced customized pivot tables and pivot charts. Selfpaced - - - 52 minutes
Advance Functions Lookups are most important functions of Microsoft Excel software. This module talks about the various types of lookup functions. Also explore MATCH and OFFSET for virtually searching anything across workbook using formulas. INDIRECT is another powerful function which we must know to make our worksheet dynamic without using macros. Selfpaced - - - 74 minutes
Data Validation and Protection Ensuring your workbook & worksheet structure does not changes when it moves out from your personal computer. Making workbook password protected, ensuring your formulas are not edited, providing proper input message and error message for wrong inputs into your worksheets. Selfpaced - - - 33 minutes

What are the eligibility criteria for the Microsoft Excel 2013 (Advanced) course ?

There are no eligibility criteria for the course. Any person who wishes to learn about Excel should take this course. It covers all the advanced concepts (topics) and is intended to give you a head Start for more advanced courses.

Is there any support available for the self-paced courses ?

For technical support one can call on this number +91-8080166065, or drop a mail at

Does this course include any examination ?

No, this course does not include any examination.

Will I get a certificate on the completion of the course?

On successfully completing the course you get a certificate from

What are the benefits of this course ?

The course gives you a head start in learning different skills which is required to stay on top of any job, and further benefit your rise in career.

What are the payment methods available ?

We accept all major Credit and Debit cards and also do Net Banking.

Mentor Not Available