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1500 INR for 30 Days
2500 INR for 60 Days
3500 INR for 90 Days
5500 INR for 180 Days
7500 INR for 365 Days
29 USD for 30 Days
49 USD for 60 Days
99 USD for 90 Days
149 USD for 180 Days
249 USD for 365 Days
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About the PMP Exam Preparation Course ?

The Project Management Professional® certification by PMI®, the leading association in the field of project management, is one of most coveted certification in the industry today. It is a globally recognized and accepted credential, demonstrating that you have appropriate knowledge, expertise and attitude as is required of a competent project manager. Our PMP Certification course is the right choice for a PMP aspirant seeking to enhance his or her profile and career prospects.

What you get with the PMP Exam Preparation Course ?

  • Courseware developed by experienced mentor & course designers
  • 16 highly interactive self-paced modules based on the PMBOK (5th edition)
  • 35 PDUs required to appear for the PMP exam
  • Online classroom sessions with the mentor for learning support
  • 2 Practice Tests (200 questions each) to assess your readiness
  • Additional practice questions through-out the course modules
  • Downloadable Toolkits

PMP Exam Preparation Course Content ?

· Course Introduction · Project Time Management · Project Procurement Management
· PMP Exam Overview · Project Cost Management · Project Stakeholder Management
· Project Management Framework · Project Quality Management · Professional & Social Responsibilities
· Project Management Processes · Project Human Resource Management · Exam Tips and Tricks
· Project Integration Management · Project Communication Management  
· Project Scope Management · Project Communication Management  

Who should take PMP Exam Preparation course ?

If you meet one or more of the following criteria, then you are a right candidate to purchase this course. In particular, you:

  • Have attended a general course in Project Management and are familiar with basic concepts.
  • Are a fast learner and can complete the self-paced course without classroom training.
  • Are planning to appear for the certification exam in the near future.
  • Would like the support of a mentor to clear doubts and questions.

Why iAthena’s PMP Course ?

  • On Demand and Self-Paced : You can learn from the comfort of your home or any other location of your choice at a time convenient to you. While studying these courses, you decide your own pace of learning, making it a convenient study.
  • Online Classroom/Webinars (Optional) : You have the option to enroll in online webinar/classroom sessions at a discount if you purchase the PMP Exam Preparation self-paced course. PMP Exam Preparation Online Course runs for 4 weeks and each session is 2 hours, so you get 8 hours of online instruction for interacting with the mentor to clear your doubts and exam related queries. You can also interact with the other students and learn from their questions and experiences. If you enroll in only the Online Classroom Course, then we offer the PMP Self-Paced Course with it absolutely free to help you revise the course material and prepare better for the examination.
  • PMI approved 35 PDUs : The course has been pre-approved by PMI and you will be able to claim the 35 PDUs that are required to appear for the exam. After the successful completion of the course, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion from BTP Technologies Private Limited (India) – PMI REP Id # 2661.
  • Practice Exam : Two (2) practice exams (200 questions each) are given at the end of the course. These mock tests will help you assess your readiness for the exam.
  • Based on PMBOK (5th Edition) : The course is based on the latest edition of the PMBOK® and consists of the 16 modules. Apart from the PMBOK content, it also includes chapters on the overview of PMP and tips & tricks to appear for the exam.
Name Description Type Session Date Start Time End Time Learning Hours
Course Introduction The Course Introduction helps you to get familiar with the course structure and layout. It will also help you understand the navigation within the course. Selfpaced - - - 30 minutes
PMP Exam Overview This module talks about prerequisites to appear for the PMP Exam. It discusses the steps to acquire PMP Certificate, exam structure of PMP, PMP Certificate’s validity period and its renewal procedures Selfpaced - - - 30 minutes
Project Management Framework The project management framework defines the standards, guidelines and context for project management. It defines the project, project management and gives an overview of the relationship between project, portfolio and project management. It also provides an understanding of internal and external stakeholders and their influences on the project. It also provides information on the various constraints the projects usually face in the practical world. Selfpaced - - - 165 minutes
Project Management Processes This module gives an outline of the various processes that are employed in a typical project life cycle. It also describes organizational structures, and how they can impact the project structure and processes. It defines various process groups and how they relate to the Project Management Knowledge areas Selfpaced - - - 45 minutes
Project Integration Management Project Integration Management is one of the core areas of Project Management. This is where the project manager brings together various aspects of the project and employs different processes in an integrated manner, to achieve the project objectives. It involves decision making with respect to resources, balancing the project constraints and ensuring that interdependent processes are properly handled. In other words, this knowledge area defines those processes, which help in appropriate and integrated execution of the project management activities. Selfpaced - - - 165 minutes
Project Scope Management This module on Scope Management provides processes that can be used for ensuring that scope is appropriately handled – neither more nor less is delivered vis a vis the plan. It describes how project requirements are documented and how scope baseline is developed. It explains how the project scope can be broken down into manageable units along with outlining the basis for customer acceptance of deliverable. It also covers how to manage and control scope. Selfpaced - - - 165 minutes
Project Time Management A lot of the projects end up overshooting the planned time line. This ultimately leads to an increase in cost of the project and also, at times produces an obsolete requirement. This module on Time Management discusses the processes to develop and control schedule to manage projects. It also elaborates on how to schedule activities, estimate resources and track progress against plan. Selfpaced - - - 225 minutes
Project Cost Management Cost Management covers the topics related to budgeting, controlling and tracking costs. It describes the various methods of estimating costs and techniques for controlling costs. Cost is one of the prime factors of any initiative or process and hence this module assumes a significant importance in the project management scheme of things. Selfpaced - - - 135 minutes
Project Quality Management Quality Management involves processes that decide the quality parameters of the project, plan for tracking of these parameters and verify them. This module explains the quality and various terms associated with it. It also describes how to plan for quality, how to perform quality assurance and control and various tools that can be employed for this purpose. It’s important to understand that quality is not an isolated process – but an ongoing one, and attains importance as the project progresses. Selfpaced - - - 150 minutes
Project Human Resource Management HR management is all about organizing, managing and motivating the project team. In this module, we are going to see how to plan for resource management, and other processes like acquiring, developing and managing the project team. A few conflict management techniques and motivation theories are also covered as part of this module. Selfpaced - - - 135 minutes
Project Communication Management Communication is one of the key tasks of any project manager. This module describes the processes for planning, managing and controlling communications in projects. Selfpaced - - - 2 hours
Project Risk Management Risk Management is the reason for failure on most projects. Risk needs to be identified, planned for and managed in order to minimize the impact on the project. This module covers those processes, which are used in identifying, planning, analyzing and controlling risks. Selfpaced - - - 3 hours
Project Procurement Management Procurement Management involves planning, conducting, controlling and closing procurement. It explains the role of the project manager in the context of procurement, types of contracts and various contract negotiation tactics. It also outlines the conditions, under which a contract can be said to be closed. Selfpaced - - - 150 minutes
Project Stakeholder Management Stakeholders exert a significant influence over project decisions. Hence it is imperative that stakeholders are identified and managed adequately. This module covers processes related to identifying stakeholders, planning for stakeholder management and how to control the engagement. Selfpaced - - - 2 hours
Professional and Social Responsibilities A project manager has certain professional and ethical responsibilities towards the project and the organization. This module explains the basics of professional conduct and responsibilities in the context of project management. Selfpaced - - - 45 minutes
Exam Tips n Tricks Exam Tips n Tricks Selfpaced - - - 15 minutes
PMP Practice Test 1 PMP Practice Test 1 Quiz - - - 240 minutes
PMP Practice Test 2 PMP Practice Test 2 Quiz - - - 240 minutes

What are the eligibility criteria for PMP Exam ?

The eligibility criteria for the PMP exam can be divided in two parts. One is the education and experience of the candidate and second is the training need.


  • Education & Experience

    For Diploma holders (High School Diploma, Associate’s Degree or the Global Equivalent): 5 years of Project Management experience, with 7,500 hours leading and directing projects.
    For degree holders (4 years Bachelor’s degree): 3 years of Project Management experience, with 4,500 hours leading and directing projects.

  • Training

35 contact hours of Project Management education.

How is the exam structured ?

  • Online Examination (on a Computer) to be taken at a designated examination center.
  • 200 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 4 hours.
  • Only 175 are graded out of the 200 (25 are used for data collection & research purpose).


Exam Administration Type PMI Member US Dollars Euros
Computer-based Testing (CBT) Member $405 €340
Computer-based Testing (CBT) Non-member $555 €465
Paper-based Testing (PBT) Member $250 €205


Will I get 35 PDUs ?

Yes. This course is offered by Navitus Education Private Limited in partnership with BTP Technologies. The course has been registered with PMI and will enable you to get 35 PDUs required by PMI. (REP ID: 2661)

What are the payment methods available ?

We accept all major credit and debit cards and also offer net banking.


   Kalpesh Ashar


Kalpesh Ashar




  • 17 years’ experience in various roles - Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Program Manager and Delivery Manager.
  • Consulting in Project Management.
  • Training in Project Management & Finance courses.
  • Visiting faculty at top B-Schools in Mumbai (NMIMS and S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research)
  • Visiting faculty at VJTI, Mumbai for M. Tech in Project Management.
  • In interview panel of SPJIMR for PGDM course
  • Author of management book series - Management Self-Learning Series

Work Experience:

2011 – Present Freelance Consultant & Trainer Self-Employed
2003 – 2010 Senior Project Manager Tech Mahindra
2001 – 2003 Software Engineer Gluon Network
1997 – 2001 IT Analyst Tata Consultancy Services


2009 – 2011 M.B.A. (General Management) S. P. Jain Institute of Management & Research
1993 – 1997 B.E. (Electronics) K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering
1991 – 1993 H.S.C.E. K. J. Somaiya College of Science
1991 S. S. C. E. D. P. Y. A. High School




  • Project Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know (2012).
  • Cost Accounting and Management Essentials You Always Wanted To Know (2011).
  • Financial Accounting Essentials You Always Wanted To Know(2011).
  • Understanding IFRS Fundamentals: International Financial Reporting Standards (2010).

Miscellaneous (Hobbies etc.):

Enjoys Reading, Traveling & 20/20 Cricket.