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About the CISA Course ?

The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA©), a certification by ISACA©, the leading association in the field of information security, is one of most coveted certification in the industry today. It is a globally recognized and accepted credential, demonstrating that you have appropriate knowledge, expertise and attitude as is required of a competent information security professional.

What you get with the CISA Course ?

  • Courseware developed by experienced mentor & course designers.
  • 8 highly interactive self-paced modules based on the latest CISA Review Manual 2015 edition.
  • 1 Practice Exam to assess your readiness.
  • Additional practice questions through-out the course modules.
  • Downloadable Toolkits.

CISA Course Content ?

  • Course Introduction
  • CISA Exam Overview
  • The Process of Auditing Information Systems
  • Governance and Management of IT
  • Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation
  • Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support
  • Protection of Information Assets
  • Examination Tips and Tricks

Who should take CISA Course ?

If you meet any one or more of the following criteria, then you are a right candidate to purchase this course. In particular, you:

  • Have attended a general course in Information Security and are familiar with basic.
  • Are planning to appear for the certification exam in the near future.
  • Can complete the self-paced course in a short timeframe.
  • Do not need support of a mentor to clear doubts and questions.

Why iAthena’s CISA Course ?

  • On Demand and Self-Paced You can learn from the comfort of your home or any other location of your choice at a time convenient to you. While studying these courses, you decide your own pace of learning, making it a convenient study.
  • Interactive and Engaging Our courses are more than just page-turners. We partner with experts to develop highly interactive content to ensure that you are active and engaged throughout the course. In addition to interactive course work, they include case studies, exercises, and quizzes..
  • Online Classroom/Webinars (Optional) You have the option to enroll in online webinar/classroom sessions at a discount if you purchase the PMP Exam Preparation self-paced course. PMP Exam Preparation Online Course runs for 4 weeks and each session is 2 hours, so you get 8 hours of online instruction for interacting with the mentor to clear your doubts and exam related queries. You can also interact with the other students and learn from their questions and experiences.
    If you enroll in only the Online Classroom Course, then we offer the PMP Self-Paced Course with it absolutely free to help you revise the course material and prepare better for the examination.
  • Practice Exam Two (2) practice exams (200 questions each) are given at the end of the course. These mock tests will help you assess your readiness for the exam.
  • Based on the latest CISA Review Manual (2015 Edition) The course is based on the latest edition of the PMBOK® and consists of the 16 modules. Apart from the PMBOK content, it also includes chapters on the overview of PMP and tips & tricks to appear for the exam.
Name Description Type Session Date Start Time End Time Learning Hours
CISA Introduction This chapter helps you to get familiar with the course structure and layout. It will also help you understand the navigation within the course. Selfpaced - - - 40 minutes
CISA Exam Overview This chapter talks about prerequisites to appear for the CISA Exam. It discusses the steps to acquire CISA Certificate, exam structure of CISA, CISA Certificate’s validity period and its renewal procedures. Selfpaced - - - 48 minutes
The Process of Auditing Information Systems Provides an overall view of the concepts, principles and processes related to Information Systems audit. Selfpaced - - - 181 minutes
Governance and Management of IT Provides with an understanding of the basic difference between governance and management, associated frameworks, models and roles and responsibilities and provides guidelines for its evaluation. Selfpaced - - - 256 minutes
Information Systems Acquisition Development a Provides an understanding of the various phases associated with the systems development or acquisition process and the entire life cycle of the systems, associated risks and related controls. It also provides for various audit considerations that need to be made. Selfpaced - - - 366 minutes
Information Systems Operations Maintenance a Provides an overall understanding of process related to systems operations, maintenance and support. It also provides evaluations of related hardware and IS Network Infrastructure. Selfpaced - - - 308 minutes
Protection of Information Assets Provides understanding of various threats to information assets and guides its protection by providing for associated good practices. Selfpaced - - - 7 hours
CISA Examination Tips and Tricks This chapter talks about some Tips and Tricks for CISA Exam and correct approach for taking the CISA Examination. Selfpaced - - - 44 minutes
CISA Certification Mock Exam CISA Certification Mock Exam Quiz - - - 180 minutes

How will CISA Certification help me ?

CISA Certification enables a professional to become an information systems auditor and to make sure that there are no situations of fraud, unnecessary spending or non-compliance with governmental laws and federal regulations. He or She analyzes the information systems data and prepares reports for the management. A CISA certificate holder is likely to hold the job title of Information Systems Auditor, Information Security Analyst, Network Operations Security Engineer, IT Audit Manager, IT Risk and Assurance Manager, Privacy Officer, and Information Systems Security Specialist etc.

What are the steps in CISA Certification ?

  • Successful completion of the CISA examination.
  • Submit an Application for CISA Certification.
  • Adherence to the Code of Professional Ethics.
  • Adherence to the Continuing Professional Education Program.
  • Compliance with the Information Systems Auditing Standards.

Is CISA Certification globally recognized ?

The CISA certification has been globally recognized since 1978. With a growing demand for individuals possessing IS audit, control and security skills, CISA has become a preferred certification program for individuals and organizations around the world today. As of now, there are 100,000+ certified professionals and each year the retention is over 90%. In 2014, CISA was awarded as the “Best Professional Certification Program” by SC Magazine. It is one of the top paying certifications as per the 2013 ITSCPI (IT Skills and Certifications Pay index).

What are the eligibility criteria for CISA course ?

There are no eligibility criteria to appear for the CISA Examination. However, a student will need to fulfill work experience requirement before the CISA Certification is awarded by ISACA.

A minimum of 5 years of professional information systems auditing, control or security work experience (as described in the CISA job practice areas) is required for certification. Substitutions and waivers of such experience, to a maximum of 3 years, may be obtained from ISACA.

  • A maximum of 1 year of information systems experience or 1 year of non-IS auditing experience can be substituted for 1 year of experience.
  • 60 to 120 completed university semester credit hours (the equivalent of a 2-year or 4-year degree) not limited by the 10-year preceding restriction, can be substituted for 1 or 2 years, respectively, of experience.
  • A bachelor's or master's degree from a university that enforces the ISACA-sponsored Model Curricula can be substituted for 1 year of experience. To view a list of these schools, please visit This option cannot be used if 3 years of experience substitution and educational waiver have already been claimed.
  • A master's degree in information security or information technology from an accredited university can be substituted for 1 year of experience.

What topics are covered in the CISA Examination ?

CISA Examination covers the following job practice domains and task & knowledge statements:

  • Domain 1 : Process of Auditing Information Systems (14%).
  • Domain 2 : Governance and Management of IT (14%)
  • Domain 3 : Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation (19%)
  • Domain 4 : Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support (23%)
  • Domain 5 : Protection of Information Assets (30%)

How is the exam structured ?

  • Examination to be taken at a designated examination center.
  • 200 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 4 hours

How is the exam graded ?

ISACA uses a 200-800 point scale with 450 as the passing mark for the exams. The actual examination score (correct answers out of 200 questions) is converted into a scale between 200-800 points. For example, if the candidate answers all the 200 questions correctly, then he/she receives a scaled score of 800. A scaled score of 200 is the lowest score possible and indicates that only a small number of questions were answered correctly.
A candidate must receive a scaled score of 450 or higher to pass the exam. The passing score of 450 indicates the minimum number of questions that must be answered correctly by the candidate in order to demonstrate practical application of the job task and knowledge statements.
Only a candidate receiving a passing score may apply for certification if all the other requirements are met.

How much does the exam cost ?

The fees for the CISA examination are as follows:



ISACA Member Non-ISACA Member
Early Registration Deadline $440 $625
Final Registration Deadline $490 $675

Faxed/Mailed Registrations incur an additional cost of US$75.00.
The course fee does not include the CISA Exam Fee and will need to be paid directly to ISACA.

What are the payment methods available for the course fees ?

We accept all major credit and debit cards and also offer net banking.

Mentor Not Available