BigData Hadoop

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1500 INR for 60 Days
2500 INR for 90 Days
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29 USD for 60 Days
49 USD for 90 Days
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About the Big Data /Hadoop Course?

This course is meant for professionals in the big data/hadoop field. It imparts training on the big data concept and specifically on the hadoop framework.

What you get with the Big /Data Hadoop Course?

  • Courseware developed by experienced mentor & course designers.
  • 10 highly interactive self-paced modules.
  • Additional practice questions through-out the course modules.
  • Assessment at the End of the Course.

Big Data/ Hadoop Course Content?

  • An Introduction to Big Data
  • Hadoop – A Deep Insight
  • Hadoop – Core Components
  • Introduction to Pig
  • Basic Data Analysis Using Pig
  • Complex Data Analysis Using Pig
  • Introduction to Hive
  • Hive Data Management
  • Hbase
  • Querying and Data Transfer in Hadoop

Who should take Big Data /Hadoop Course?

This Course is most suited for IT engineers who wish to update their skills and who want to master the concepts of Big Data Hadoop and use it with ease in their everyday .

Why iAthena’s Big Data/ Hadoop Course?

Our course is a self paced interactive course. The Course structure and content has 10 interactive modules which covers all the Important Concepts and Components of Hadoop. This Course helps you to expand your knowledge about Big data and Hadoop.

Name Description Type Session Date Start Time End Time Learning Hours
BigData Hadoop Module1 BigData Hadoop Module1 Selfpaced - - - 14 minutes
BigData Hadoop Module2 BigData Hadoop Module2 Selfpaced - - - 9 minutes
BigData Hadoop Module3 BigData Hadoop Module3 Selfpaced - - - 13 minutes
BigData Hadoop Module4 BigData Hadoop Module4 Selfpaced - - - 11 minutes
BigData Hadoop Module5 BigData Hadoop Module5 Selfpaced - - - 17 minutes
BigData Hadoop Module6 BigData Hadoop Module6 Selfpaced - - - 16 minutes
BigData Hadoop Module07 BigData Hadoop Module07 Selfpaced - - - 20 minutes
BigData Hadoop Module8 BigData Hadoop Module8 Selfpaced - - - 13 minutes
BigData Hadoop Module9 BigData Hadoop Module9 Selfpaced - - - 16 minutes
BigDataHadoop Module10 BigData Hadoop Module10 Selfpaced - - - 13 hours

What are the eligibility criteria for the Big Data /Hadoop course ?

There are no eligibility criteria for the course.

Is there any support available for the self-paced courses ?

For technical support one can call on this number +91-8080166065, or drop a mail at [email protected]

Does this course include any examination ?

No, this course does not include any examination.

Will I get a certificate on the completion of the course?

On successfully completing the course you get a certificate from

What are the benefits of this course ?

After going through this course, one should be able to understand Big Data/Hadoop and e big data concept and specifically hadoop framework.

What are the payment methods available ?

We accept all major Credit and Debit cards and also do Net Banking.

Mentor Not Available