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Traditionally, classroom-based (instructor-led) training is considered to be the most General way to teach new skills, particularly in areas that involve changes in behavior or complex concepts. But it comes at a cost of high training charges, travel and lodging expenses, and lost work time (if applicable). Furthermore, the transition from theory to application in the workplace is still not guaranteed.

The growth in Internet-delivered learning is driven by compelling economics and the potential for effective education and knowledge management. The Internet reduces the cost of learning, both direct and indirect, and increases its relevance and retention. Further, it enables learning programs to be customized and tailored for individual audiences and facilitates knowledge management by providing the means to collect and re-deploy knowledge more efficiently and consistently.

e-Learning engages the student with interactive material, testing and motivation. Supplementary learning strategies further add human support and interaction between students and instructors through text chat technology, social learning, collaboration and Web casting, thereby extending the scope of what can be effectively taught into many new subject areas. These can be further enhanced through distribution of supporting material thereby capitalizing on the ease with which an e-learning system can link to additional resources, multimedia, documents as well as systems.

e-Learning is even more relevant for professional corporations that want to train a large number of employees spread over a wide geographic area. It offers the organization an opportunity to:

  • Develop and deliver education and information to audiences outside the organization.

  • Drive incremental revenues through customer, channel and distributor channels.

  • Increase adoption rate of new products and services.

  • Improve productivity and information sharing with external partners.

  • Improve sales and market penetration.

  • Deliver certification programs and share knowledge.

  • Drastically reduce your training and Compliance costs as well as saves Time.

  • Improve customer satisfaction.

  • Provide consistent training.

Our Goal

Education has become expensive in India and higher education has become even more expensive and out of the reach of a large number of population. A major portion of masses remain uneducated and many learners have to give up on education because of this, The Lack of Education causes lack of Careers. With the rapid growth of Internet, technology and multimedia, the world has come closer and provided the students with numerous benefits, maintaining student's interest and providing extensive learning experiences to students separated over large geographical areas.

iAthena aims to contribute in this democratization of education & learning, reaching wider student population by improving efficiency and effectiveness of distribution of learning content by leveraging digital medium. Our main goal is to bring students, mentors (teachers) and learning tools/materials together overcoming the traditional barriers such as communication gap, pace of learning and most importantly, geography. Our hope is that over time, we are able to acquire, categorize and distribute knowledge as opposed to just information.

iAthena is a platform which enables mentors (teachers) to not just distribute their material to students, but also use the latest communication tools to conduct webinars and interactive sessions to bridge the gap between the traditional classroom training (with high interactivity) and the perceived deficiencies of online training at a fraction of the cost.

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